Casefanatic Nexus 4 Kommandant Ultra Thin Metal E960 Case

Price in USD Price: $23.50
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Material:  High Quality Aluminium. Outer layer sprayed with a protective coating against scratches.

Interior: Protective soft inner edge lining. Including all corners.

Surface: Flush with a protective film. Slightly elevated to protect the screen when placed on its face. 

Kommandant text:

Special text:









Silver frame + Black Kommandant back plate,






Black frame + Black Kommandant back plate,


Red frame + Black Kommandant back plate,



Red frame + Black Nexus 4 Special back plate,




Red frame + Silver Nexus 4 Special back plate,




Silver frame + Black Nexus 4 Special back plate,


Silver frame + Silver Nexus 4 Special back plate,




Black frame + Black Nexus 4 Special back plate,


Black frame + Silver Nexus 4 Special back plate,



  • mathan kumar says:

    I want to have a one for mine….. Is this possible to get ????? When it will be available next ????????

  • Nagy Laszlo says:

    The case is perfect(cool)
    This is limited edition!

  • Rait says:

    Hello, they dont make it anymore? Can somebody recommend alternatives please. I really like red sides.

  • hasham chaudhry says:

    is this case in blue?
    because i will like it in blue + red and will buy it

  • Anonymous says:

    Is this going to be back in stock?

  • amit says:

    plz let me know if u guys r going to stock this case again

  • Cas says:

    Did you produce this case yet? I really want one for my nexus 4

  • cw fei says:

    i really hope this case will reproduce since i love the case so much !!!

  • Tommy says:

    So…I’m not sure if you guys heard, but the Nexus 4 are going on sale $100 less so there will be a surplus amount of new Nexus 4 phones without cases. This case being probably the most sought out case would be in high demand. It is unfortunate that you guys are stopping production of this product, but I will be checking everyday if you guys do plan to produce more, if not a reply would be nice 😀

    • chappo says:

      Sorry we won’t produce more. There is an almost similar case by another producer, but it is very expensive so it is not worth selling it.

      • Griffin says:

        Hello I really need a case because I just got this phone. What manufacturer makes a similar case to this? Or could you possibly make one special for me? Let me know.

  • Johan says:

    I want to know when the shell is back in stock?
    thank you

  • Chris says:

    So, the red and black are permanently sold out? You have a lot of people that seem to want them, but you won’t be producing any more?

    • chappo says:

      Unfortunately no, the production has ended but it was a very successful case and will definitely make more for future Nexus versions.

  • rytistam says:

    Restock with the red frame and you will have so many more customers including me. Is anyone willing to sell me the case with a red frame?

  • Lucas says:

    you send to Brazil?

  • Andrew says:

    Please restock in red frames!! I would buy this right away if there were still black and red cases!

  • fragkiller1 says:

    Love the idea of an all aluminum case thats not too bulky. I am purchasing this now and will update after the case arrives!

  • Matthew C says:

    It looks very thin, but how thick is it exactly?

  • Matthew C says:

    First off, I love your cases! They aren’t huge and bulky but still offer a nice amount of protection with the aluminum case. However, my absolute favorite case is sold out! Please restock the red case and silver backplate! I want it so bad!!!

    By the way, will it just be a matter of time before you restock or is it out of stock for good?

  • syeina says:

    Looking forward to getting this case. It looks lovely!

  • Erin says:

    Was super excited when I came across this case I’ve been searching for days for one I thought looked nice and also offered protection. However I am quite bummed at the selection of colors and combinations. :(

  • Chelsea gvb says:

    Will you be getting any more red frame + silver back cases, or are they permanently sold out? Thanks for the help!

    • chappo says:

      The Red frames are permanently sold out :(

      • 1046994 says:

        This case looks truly amazing, but I wonder why don’t you produce a few more red frames and even some red back plates? I would definitively buy those and I think that I’m not alone! It would be worth it for you guys I’m sure! These are so freaking cool! Anyways, your product is very nice and well designed! I LOVE it!

        By the way, how long for Quebec (East-coast Canada) shipping?

  • Viktor says:

    I live in Sweden (Europe). Is it shipped from the U.S? And if so, is there any taxes or so that I have to worry about? As well, how long would the free shipping take?

  • Jet says:

    Dear Casefanatic :) this is the best case I’ve seen. I am away from US right now, but in South Korea. Do you deliver to South Korea as well?
    I was about to use my paypal account but it has american address and I didn’t want you to ship it there so I had to cancel the transaction. :(

    Please tell me if you guys can ship to Korea and how long it will take.
    **I heard this is shipped from China so i am expecting shorter period than to US:)

  • chris says:

    what exactly is the difference between the “special” and the regular case?

  • Quinn says:

    Any chance you guys develop a best clip for these cases?

  • shadow66604 says:

    Is there some blue one comming?

  • adam says:

    hi, I’ve been putting on this case for about two weeks now, and I love it so much! but unfortunately, my GPS seems to misbehave. I’m an active runner and I used to run using my running app with GPS system. and since I putted on this case, my GPS can’t be detected at all. And thou I installed any running app that working with GPS system, none seems to work. Maybe you guys could help me out, because i like this casing but i hate to plug my phone in and out every time I’m about to jog. thx before.

    • chappo says:

      Hi Adam, glad you like the case. Unfortunately the type of GPS chip in the Nexus 4 (specifically the Nexus 4) makes it difficult to work with the GPS close to metal objects. Reception, wifi, 3G etc works, but we could never find a way for GPS to work. Please email us and we can work something out.

  • chyma says:

    hi, Could you update the image of the last two types of case: black frame+silver and red frame+silver?

  • pitjat says:

    great & beautiful case. but it lowered the radio signal strength a bit & the cut out for charging port kinda small if you were to use other cable than the one included with the Nexus 4. But, awesome case nonetheless.

  • Sam says:

    is it fact that this case hinders reception and GPS?

    • chappo says:

      No it is a false fact. This case has perfectly fine tower reception, including wifi, and 3G. However, metal can not work with GPS. Not in this case, or any other case or device for that matter.

  • Omar says:

    how long would this take to ship to Toronto? I ordered this today

  • myturbo1 says:

    Really nice case! I’m about to buy 1

  • o.ebaid97 says:

    How long would it take to Ship to Texas in the United States with DHL???

  • Alex says:

    This case looks amazing. I am totally ordering the red in a few days.

  • Wilson says:

    Really considering this beautiful case, one question; how does one put it on the nexus 4 since the aluminum is rigid?

  • Gregor says:

    This is a fantastic product, will there be a case similar to these for the nexus 5 when it comes out? I will definitely be buying a couple!!

  • mb123q says:

    Black+Silver looks really sharp! Are any weight or thickness specifications available?

  • chappo says:

    Sure. Please add it to your Cart. When you view your cart, you can choose DHL as a shipping method.

  • Valentino says:

    Hello, I would like to buy from you, I live in Italy, shipping is by regular mail and then it takes about 1 month to Italy or by courier? you can reduce the delivery time, if even paying a premium?

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