Casefanatic Kommandant Nexus 5 Ultra Thin Metal Aluminium Case

Price in USD Price: $25.99


Choose model / color:

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Camera protection: back plate is elevated to protect the camera

Screen protector compatibility: works with all screen protectors ( iloom etc. )

Audio jack: bigger hole cut out to fit larger connector types



Back plate: well designed, perfect fit thin polycarbonate see-through plate. This eliminates issues such as:

Wireless charging: all wireless charging functionality works

GPS: all GPS functionality works as normal

NFC: all NFC functionality works as normal.

Material: high quality aluminium

Thickness: adds 1.1mm to the case

Color quality: the aluminium is sandblasted, and the colors are produced by chemically dying the metal – the colors will not fade out, and the coating is anti-scratch

Install instructions review:

Review / Test Reception, NFC, Wireless Charging, Bluetooth etc:

NB: new anti-scratch back plate replaces all see-through back plates:


nexus 5 metal black - Copy


nexus 5 metal gold


nexus 5 metal graynexus 5 metal red and blacknexus 5 metal red and silvernexus 5 metal silvernexus 5 metal silver and black


  • Mathusser Iqbal says:

    I have purchased the Nexus 5 kommandant case, I have a question where the plastic (the parts which covers the camera lens and flash) and the back frame is it suppose to sit smoothly i.e. seems as one case at the back or will there be a bit of a gap between the lens cover and the back case?

  • Soumen Chowdhury says:

    Hi there i am intersting in your brand.
    I am indian please address in india.

  • Steff says:

    Please Please Please tell me that there are plans for a kommandant bumper like this one for the LG G4. The Aluminum sides showing off the leather back, that would be amazing! I will be getting the phone soon, and I would love this bumper case.

    Also, I have been searching and searching and cannot find something like this. There are pages and pages on forums like xda looking for a bumper like this for the LG G4, if this was released they could almost name their price!!

    Please let me know
    Thanks in advance

  • Johnn Ramos says:

    Great Case Ill Recommend It To People Great Tough & stylish

  • sumdimsum says:

    This would look great on my phone

  • prozess says:

    I think the case in all black would look amazing with my black nexus 5.

  • feralteon says:

    Just purchased one. Will it come with the new anti-scratch backplate?

  • picarra80 says:

    One of the best cases out there on the market!

  • picarra80 says:

    One of the best cases on the market!

  • Ananananon says:

    So I’ve been using this case for a while, the black one and here are my thoughts on it.

    So lets start with the good, in my personal subjective opinion it looks good and the metal feels good, the buttons are also much better than the original ones on the Nexus, again in my personal subjective opinion.
    Another good thing that isn’t necessarily about the case is the super cool screwdriver that comes with, it’s freaking awesome, I’d almost say it’s worth getting this case JUST for that screwdriver but that’s just me and I’m probably just going crazy over nothing here…

    Lets continue with the bad, even if the case itself isn’t that much thicker, the fact that it doesn’t follow the curved back design of the nexus 5 makes it FEEL a LOT thicker, seriously it’s night and day between putting the case on and off, the fact that it isn’t curved also makes it harder for me to hold with one hand, it just generally reduces one hand capability on the Nexus 5. Besides that the back plastic would often get “pushed in” a little on some places so that you could feel the edges of the back metal plate in some places but not others, highly annoying.
    The case also reduce the signal of the phone a bit, but that is to be expected by a metal case, for example without the case I can get wi-fi connectivity in my room, with the case I drop the connection fairly often, this has been true for the wi-fi at work too, I drop the connection much more frequently. The case also affects the range on bluetooth as well, with the case on, just going into the very next room will make my Pebble Steel lose connection while without the case I still have a connection on the next room (but drop it when I’m two rooms away)

    So in a general bullet-point list of pros and cons-

    +Looks good (Subjective opinion)
    +Material feels good (Subjective opinion)
    +Buttons feel much better, has a more premium feel to them (Subjective opinion)
    (+)Super cool and cute screwdriver

    -Because the back is not curved like on the Nexus 5 it does feel quite a lot thicker
    -Because it isn’t curved and it feels thicker, one handed usage is harder (At least for my hand size)
    -Back plastic plate sometimes gets pushed in making you feel the rough edge between the plastic plate and the back metal plate on some places
    -Reduces Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, may also affect other signals but haven’t really tested that.

    Personally I have removed the case and will not put it back on, main reason is the fact that it feels so much thicker and it’s hard to use with one hand, I personally don’t mind the signal issue THAT much of course I’d prefer if they weren’t there.

    Disclaimer(?): This “review” is based off of my own experience with the case, your experience may vary and you may disagree with certain opinions I have, that’s the beauty, we don’t always have to agree on things. =)

  • Juan Sanchez says:

    Hi I have a housing consulta.¿podria ask my liking? I gusraria frame in black and silver back

  • Cavlinx says:

    I want to get the Gray Kommandant case for the nexus 5, but i dont see a option to change the color… What do I do?

  • Zatoichi says:

    Is it possible to assembly the cover WITHOUT the rear polycarbonate piece?
    I would like N5 back clear…

  • Zatoichi says:

    Is it possible to NOT use the rear polycarbonate?
    I’m asking because I like the back of N5 clear.

  • mike says:

    I love this case. I recommend it for people that what that rigid build

  • jason says:

    i’m assuming these come with the screwdriver lol

  • Leemer2k14 says:

    looks like an great case only wish i have an nexus 5

  • Meifumado says:

    Does the case say kommandant on it like the nexus 4 case?

  • House says:

    I want to know, is thid aluminum brushed and anodized? How easily scratch black painted aluminum? Is plastic back side scratch easily?

  • unvalakyrus says:

    This looks like a stunning case! I was actually look and this other company called Draco which has some mad exoskeleton like designs for the 5s bu not for nexus. This was the closest case I could find to the Dreco so I really do hope it is worth the number on the price tag.

  • rhoubeck says:

    I genuinely like this case. It looks and feels great. I’ve been using this for about 2 months. My main issue with the case is the fit of the backing to the outer shell. I don’t know if they are all like mine, but mine is a little off. At the top of the shell, there is a slight gap between the two that causes the backing plate to move. Because of this, there is now a slight ticking noise when I hold it. It has moved down the side of the case on the case as well. I have tried re-casing it and it doesn’t help. Nice case, maybe I just got one that is a tad off.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dont like this case for the lg

  • Candiany says:

    Nice fit. Due to the Thickness it keeps the phone well protected.

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