Casefanatic Kommandant Nexus 5 Ultra Thin Metal Aluminium Case

Price in USD Price: $34.23


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Camera protection: back plate is elevated to protect the camera

Screen protector compatibility: works with all screen protectors ( iloom etc. )

Audio jack: bigger hole cut out to fit larger connector types



Back plate: well designed, perfect fit thin polycarbonate see-through plate. This eliminates issues such as:

Wireless charging: all wireless charging functionality works

GPS: all GPS functionality works as normal

NFC: all NFC functionality works as normal.

Material: high quality aluminium

Thickness: adds 1.1mm to the case

Color quality: the aluminium is sandblasted, and the colors are produced by chemically dying the metal – the colors will not fade out, and the coating is anti-scratch

Install instructions review:

Review / Test Reception, NFC, Wireless Charging, Bluetooth etc:

NB: new anti-scratch back plate replaces all see-through back plates:


nexus 5 metal black - Copy


nexus 5 metal gold


nexus 5 metal graynexus 5 metal red and blacknexus 5 metal red and silvernexus 5 metal silvernexus 5 metal silver and black


  • feralteon says:

    Just purchased one. Will it come with the new anti-scratch backplate?

  • picarra80 says:

    One of the best cases out there on the market!

  • picarra80 says:

    One of the best cases on the market!

  • Juan Sanchez says:

    Hi I have a housing consulta.¿podria ask my liking? I gusraria frame in black and silver back

  • Cavlinx says:

    I want to get the Gray Kommandant case for the nexus 5, but i dont see a option to change the color… What do I do?

  • Zatoichi says:

    Is it possible to assembly the cover WITHOUT the rear polycarbonate piece?
    I would like N5 back clear…

  • Zatoichi says:

    Is it possible to NOT use the rear polycarbonate?
    I’m asking because I like the back of N5 clear.

  • mike says:

    I love this case. I recommend it for people that what that rigid build

  • jason says:

    i’m assuming these come with the screwdriver lol

  • Leemer2k14 says:

    looks like an great case only wish i have an nexus 5

  • Meifumado says:

    Does the case say kommandant on it like the nexus 4 case?

  • House says:

    I want to know, is thid aluminum brushed and anodized? How easily scratch black painted aluminum? Is plastic back side scratch easily?

  • unvalakyrus says:

    This looks like a stunning case! I was actually look and this other company called Draco which has some mad exoskeleton like designs for the 5s bu not for nexus. This was the closest case I could find to the Dreco so I really do hope it is worth the number on the price tag.

  • rhoubeck says:

    I genuinely like this case. It looks and feels great. I’ve been using this for about 2 months. My main issue with the case is the fit of the backing to the outer shell. I don’t know if they are all like mine, but mine is a little off. At the top of the shell, there is a slight gap between the two that causes the backing plate to move. Because of this, there is now a slight ticking noise when I hold it. It has moved down the side of the case on the case as well. I have tried re-casing it and it doesn’t help. Nice case, maybe I just got one that is a tad off.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dont like this case for the lg

  • Candiany says:

    Nice fit. Due to the Thickness it keeps the phone well protected.

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