Casefanatic Kommandant Ultra Thin Aluminium Metal case for Galaxy S4

Price in USD Price: $35.96


Choose model / color:

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Home Buttons: 5 home button colors to choose from: Black, Silver, Red, Pink

Frames and back plates: 8 different bumpers, 4 different back plates

Clear frame: bumper without branding

Kommandant frame: bumper with branding – “Kommandant”

Clear back plate: back plate without branding

Kommandant back plate: back plate with branding – “Galaxy S4 Kommandant”


Material: High quality aluminium.

Color quality: The aluminium is sandblasted and the colors are produced by chemically dying the metal. Therefore, the colors will not fade out, and the coating is anti-scratch.


MissPTV review

Flossy review

Added thickness: Only adds 1.1 mm

3 New Colors!

Pink Clear Frame + Silver Kommandant back plate (Including pink home button sticker)


Pink Clear Frame + Black Kommandant back plate


Red Kommandant Frame + Clear Black back plate




Red Kommandant Frame + Clear Silver back plate


Red Clear Frame + Black Kommandant back plate



Red Clear Frame + Silver Kommandant back plate


Black Kommandant Frame + Clear Black back plate


Black Kommandant Frame + Clear Silver back plate

Black Clear Frame + Black Kommandant back plate


Black Clear Frame + Silver Kommandant back plate


Silver Kommandant Frame + Clear Black back plate


Silver Clear Frame + Silver Kommandant back plate



Silver Kommandant Frame + Clear Silver  back plate



Silver Clear Frame + Black Kommandant back plate



Lime Green Clear Frame + Black Kommandant back plate

Lime Green Clear Frame + Silver Kommandant back plate

Dark Green Clear Frame + Black Kommandant back plate

Dark Green Clear Frame + Silver Kommandant back plate,

Orange Kommandant Frame + Clear Black back plate ( SOLD OUT)

Orange Kommandant Frame + Clear Silver back plate ( SOLD OUT )

Orange Clear Frame + Black Kommandant back plate

Orange Clear Frame + Silver Kommandant back plate

Purple Kommandant Frame + Clear Black back plate

Purple Kommandant Frame + Clear Silver back plate
Purple Clear Frame + Black Kommandant back plate

Purple Clear Frame + Silver Kommandant back plate


  • Charlie says:

    Hi, I would like to order a case with a red frame but I can’t see any option to choose this model… any idea?

  • nstazak79 says:

    You can buy two & mix & match the color’s. Very stylish.

  • Don says:

    I like others can’t find the one I want in the drop down…Has anyone gotten a reply as to how to order the color I want?

  • Oscar says:

    Hello, are you out of stock on most cases?! only three options are shown when choosing color, hope to hear from you soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    How do you get the other colors ?

  • Sanjaya De Silva. says:

    In short absolutely stunning. It gives a very rich look to your S4. I specially like the Black full case and Silver Full case, So that you could inter-change it to get a different look. Must order now.

  • Francesca says:

    Could you say me if you have this case for GALAXY S4 MINI ?
    I attende a reply, thanks you!

  • Jeroenvanhoren says:

    How can i order the orange/black one? I will hope to hear from you

  • Kylie says:

    How do i order the other colours? Are they just out of stock and if so, will you be restocking them?

  • Anonymous says:

    buying options are showing only CLEAR back plate and CLEAR frame. How can I order for KOMMANDENT ones?

  • tarletondiva says:

    I want the purple and black but it does not give me that option what do I do?

  • Marquiez says:

    Will you have any more red cases for sale, and do the home sticker still come with it?

  • Deion says:

    Will you be releasing a blue for this case? That would be incredible!

  • Jamila says:

    Will you please stock an ALL gold case for the S4? I would just LOVE that!

  • timi says:

    Hi, there are so many different colours for the S4 but only 3 or 4 for the S5. Will Kommandant be releasing the S4 colours for the S5 cases?

  • Richard rhinehart says:

    I just got the kommandant all gold aluminum case today…beautiful…my only issue is that it’s very loose at the top.screws went in the bottom and it’s a very tight fit..very there a way to fix the top part? Thank you for your time.

    • chappo says:

      Hi, please make sure you fit the top part first, secure it into the lip, and then lower it down and install the screws.
      If there is still a problem, please email us for replacements.

  • nelly says:

    i accidently ordered a clear red frame even though they are sold out. what will i be recieving ?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey I just got my case yesterday dAy and was wondering if I wanted to buy jus a red frame how would I do it??

  • Tyrone says:

    will this work with the tmobile version SGH-M919?

  • DLU16 says:

    Just got my case today and I gotta say it looks amazing! Only issue I have is that there seems to be a small but pretty noticeable gap between the back plate and the one of the sides, all the other sides fit perfect but this one side.

  • JK says:

    Do you have this style of case for galaxy s4 mini?

  • Fern52 says:

    Best case ever a must have!

  • tatsten says:

    Best case i have ever had!

  • adamtx214 says:

    Best case i have ever owned and just ordered one for my note 3 now i just have to wait for it to get here

  • danick says:

    this one look very great , he’s look like defender a bit and a lot of stilist .

  • diego says:

    looks great!!! the top part is a little loose bottom is good just that small detail:/

  • jiccreationz says:

    Amazing quality product! Definitely recommend.

  • chemito01 says:

    really good phone case this is a really good product

  • jcamacho says:

    A friend bought this case for his Samsung Galaxy S4, and I must say that it is by far one of the best cases made. Keeps you phone safe and looking like new! A must have…which is why I’m about to place an order! 😀

  • Abel says:

    You guys should really make a dark blue color!

  • Freddy says:

    This case is amazing. Like many other people say it’s my dream case! Buy I had a question, what if I want a different back plate cover do i hace to buy everything all over again? There isn’t a way just to buy a back plate cover?

  • Nomnom says:

    shame it has iphone volume buttons… was ready to purchase until i saw that.

  • Thomas says:

    Dropped mine once from so less than a foot onto a thin layer of carpet and my bumper bent. :(

  • Trevor says:

    Is there only 2 screws that need to be put in on the bottom? because when I put them in the case seems to be very loose on the top

    • chappo says:

      Sorry about that. It might be a slight factory defect in the groove. Please email us your information so we can send you a new case.

      • John says:

        Im getting the same problem as Trevor,where the top of my case is very loose and the bottom is perfectly fine.

        • chappo says:

          Hi John, no problem. Please email us so we can arrange to send a replacement. It is a known issue that effects very few cases.

  • bawnsz says:

    cant wait to get this case ordering the silver aluminum and green 😀 so boss

  • caduceuz says:

    Dark blue color please :(

  • John says:

    Do you have extra replaceable home buttons available if something were to happen to the original?

  • John says:

    Where can we find more of the home buttons if something were to happen to ours?

  • Kostas Matthaiakis says:

    This is my Dream case, I love it. It makes the s4 the perfect phone for me takes away the plastic samsung back cover and makes it feel premium 10/10.

  • Kbeak says:

    Looks Very Nice, Definitely Ordering !!!

  • chris says:

    could you upload some pictures with a black s4 too because i can’t really tell which case would be better looking by just imagining it???Thanks in advance.

  • Nisha M. says:

    Does this case also protect the phone when it drops?

  • kta.fcpp says:

    I cannot wait to have it ! definetly the best case for s4!

  • dannyblazer149 says:

    I just ordered and I love how it looks. But whats the warranty on it? Forgive if this is a noob/stupid question

  • Brysauce says:

    On the black case, will the paint chip or scratch?

    • chappo says:

      No because it is not paint. The colors are chemically dyed so it wont fade or chip and is very scratch resistant.

  • rcorri2010 says:

    Ordering right now! Looks sick!

  • cnice40 says:

    Ordering today! Looks SICK!!!!

  • Christian says:

    I am so excited for this case! I saw this case from a youtube video by FlossyCarter and the review was incredible. While I cannot comment on the case yet, as I just placed the order today, I will say that I had an issue ordering and their “Live Chat” button was extremely quick and responsive(despite saying no agent was available at the time) by someone intelligent on the other end, and all was resolved immediately. Awesome customer service. Use “FACEBOOK” for a 5% discount and order the extra screws just in case.

  • kjc94 says:

    I love the black bumper and silver back! Feels so much sturdier than the original plastic!

  • Zack says:

    Love the case. Decreases signal slightly. But the left side screw hole seems to hook the screw and it wont screw out any more. I have to pry it out.
    If i lose my screws were can i get more.

  • Mike says:

    Premium case for a premium device. Very elegant an professional looking. Simply love it. Took exactly 13 days from the day I ordered online to be delivered to my home in Quebec, Canada. I ordered the black back plate with the silver bumper. Comes in excellent bubble packaging with a screen protector, microfibre cloth, and special mini key chain screwdriver to securely install the case on your Galaxy S4.

  • du_91 says:

    I am going to order this case. Just have a doubt about how long will it take to reach bahrain?

  • Custnam says:

    Hello. I just ordered the S4 Kommandant and have a question. Is there any protection on the insides of the case to prevent the aluminum from scratching the phone? Layers of thin padding or something like that so the aluminum isnt pressing directly against the phone? Thanks

    • chappo says:

      Yes, it has an inner cushion strip to protect.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very nice case, but I prefer more cushion in there to protect the phone more. In my opinion kind of slippery in a way 1/10 (10) on the build quality 1/10 (7) for comfort.

  • Phoenyx says:

    This looks like an amazing case, what I have been waiting for!!

  • Charlie Kilo says:

    Do you need to remove the back cover before you install the S4 in the Kommandant case or should you just leave it on?

  • rdwyer228 says:

    So excited to get mine!

  • irsd1796 says:

    Extremely sturdy and overall well built case. Slightly expensive but worth every penny

  • nomad says:

    Ordered this case on the 31 May, arrived today 13 June. This case is everything it says it is and more, Absolutely love it and recommend to everyone. By far the best galaxy S4 case on the market.

  • mtfetner says:

    Will this case be available for the Galaxy Note 2 anytime soon? It’s a really nice looking case and I love the color option’s for it.

  • philwinchester says:

    omg what a nice case i buy one :O

  • Anonymous says:

    Is the home button sticker aluminum?

  • NiceCase says:

    Everything is awesome except the twin button’s for the sound.. Makes the case look old school..

  • excript says:

    after hunterf. this case will be my next target !

  • Greg says:

    How do you select Clear Frame + Clear Backplate?

  • Peter says:

    Is the back plate aluminum too?

  • Musa says:

    I ordered mine with black clear sides and sign on back..witj the colors were only@ side like on neo hybrid cases not from front side..then it would be best cases..thats y I ordered black bec I don’t like the side colors r shown from frint side

  • Chris says:

    Are you going to do a copper frame with black back? I’d pay double for that color combo!

  • Elram says:

    Do you have a all white case?

  • excript says:

    its ready now. time to choose the colour “:D

  • jan3019 says:

    Just placed my order today. I can’t wait to see it on my white s4! Hopefully it’s not out of stock got to he red clear frame + silver with kommandant galaxy s4 logo :)

  • excript says:

    when the item is ready? cannot wait more longer for this cool stuff 😮

  • Mario says:

    Will this case decrease the signal strength?

  • mo0gle says:

    Will this case be compatible with the Spigen screen protector? Also when is this case coming out? It’s been a while already.

  • ray says:

    Ive been waiting for this case since before the phone came out. Can we get an update on the progress for this? Im damn near ready to settle buying another case because I feel uncomfortable using my phone this long without protection

  • Peter says:

    Will the case have padding in the case?

  • jam says:

    Could you tell the exact thickness of the case here, please?

  • Rob says:

    You guys need to make a case like this for the HTC ONE!!!!!

  • SaxDesire says:

    its the best case i have seen in my life,definitly a go

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