HunterF Galaxy Note 2 Ultra Thin Metal case

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New limited stock Red + Black edition





  • anas.t says:

    Can I get this case in kerela, INDIA

  • noufal says:

    I need to buy a hard case pls help me from where can i buy in bangalore

  • mus says:

    untuk galaxy note 8.0 ada jual??

  • mohd iznoor says:

    Love this case…
    where i can buy this case in malaysia..

  • mohd iznoor says:

    Smart case….i want it…
    where i can buy this case in malaysia??

  • prasad says:

    Want my note 2 lok like lphone6+

  • babubabi says:

    bangalore available… STORE
    tell me please…

  • Jhune Reyes says:

    hello, I’m from the Philippines. Just wanna know if is it available here in the Philippines? thanks

  • Sukul says:

    guys , which is better black or black and silver .please help .
    PS: I have a black NOTE 2

  • kshitij says:

    cover is awesome but it lack the spen clip which would complete the cover the gap between cover and spen doesnt look good remaining everything is awesome

  • Andres Vara Elias says:

    How much does it costs? I live in Peru how can i get it?

  • Jean says:

    does anybody know anythinga bout the size of the screws? i lost mine.

  • Kellz6969 says:

    I just got my blue case and i am really loving it already. All i can say right now is wow. This blue case is the it, if you know what i mean. Thanks a lot casefanatic. The shipment is fastest the prior one i ordered. You guys are really the best. Keep it coming. Simply AWESOME.

  • EdenSage says:

    I am in love with my Note 2 all over again. The phone feels truly premium now with this case. I purchased the red and black case and it turns heads all the time. Feels great in the hands and doesn’t interfere with my signal. Installation was a snap. I have recommended this to my family who also own Note 2’s. Shipping was relatively quick.

  • Kellz6969 says:

    i got the red and black case ….omg its so amazing and i feel like im the only one who has that anywhere i go. i just ordered the blue and i cant wait to get the hands on that lil babe.Casefanatic is an awesome place to get a case for your fon. awesome is all i can say.

  • jamezv27 says:

    the main reason why im on this site now is because of that case it look amazing. I never knew that they had so many cases for the note 2

  • bryconjohnson2 says:

    Best case I have ever purchased

  • chetankb says:

    this is too site so far for mobiles cases and accessories..getting addicted.. :)

  • says:

    Let me say that I LOVE THIS CASE! !!!! Its nice feels great love the way it looks

  • pro_oscar says:

    excellent case, i like so much the design!

  • gaurav_an says:

    My friend got one for her galaxy note 2 last week. It is absolutely great looking case,very classy & study. The silver color case easily gives impression of iphone feel & look. Round buttons for volume rocker looks elegant. No heating issues but feels cold when u touch it first thing in the morning plus a bit on heavier side.Overall, a great case to buy. Gonna order black with red case for my note 2 on Chirstmas.

  • pavan says:

    wont the device get heated up if it is covered completely with a metal case?

  • breake69 says:

    All the questions can be answered by a short utube vidio.
    Just look up galaxy note 2 cases.
    Watch the one by Flossy.

  • tomyflorin says:

    The the best case for Galaxy Note 2. More colors please

  • MellaX says:

    Can’t wait to get one. Is it drop tested?

  • FrankJaegar says:

    I forgot to mention it in my review, but it bears noting: the buttons are extremely nice. They feel absolutely phenomenal. That deserves quite a lot of credit. Like I said, you make some sacrifices, but it’s a super duper nice case.

  • Black Angel says:

    I saw a video review of this case, and I can’t wait to order one.

  • burningkenshin says:

    The best case I have bought for my Note 2 so far. Very sleek and stylish. Greatly enhances the build quality of the phone. Also fast shipping. Was not expecting to receive it in less than 2 weeks! Thanks!

  • farzain says:

    Just received the item , its fantastic all my frnds like it
    10/10 :d

  • Shawn says:

    Got my HunterF case.
    simply Amazing !!!! 😀

  • caduceuz says:

    can you make a black & blue combination please :(

  • Kellz6969 says:

    I just my red and black limited edition hunterf case. This is the best case i have ever seen. They are just breath taking and out this world.Thanks a lot Casefanatic.

  • mak1987 says:

    Perfect case I allready bought it.

  • brownie says:

    Nice case, getting one myself!

  • caduceuz says:

    more color combination please :)

  • farzain says:

    Can i get the item without having HunterF printed on back ?

  • justin says:

    Will it fit the Sprint version L 900?

  • dharmashawn says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! However the Tiny tiny screws can strip very easy and then just fall out. Looking into another case from this site, as they are PHAT!

  • Shawn says:

    this case is the best, i have ever seen. Gonna buy it. :)

  • rderaco says:

    This case looks beautiful. About to purchase the silver + black!

  • rj says:

    Does it fit very nice like there is no case, or is it raised

  • chucksoum says:

    Finally got my Hunter F case! Phone looks amazing! I love it! Its too dope! Plotting for my next one already.

  • Shawn says:

    Any way we can get a Yellow Bumper and Black back?

  • jccmz says:

    I’m impressed with casefanatic’s prompt email response to my questions & advice. I asked whether it provides protection from drops and whether the metal case affects gps signal. And I got a prompt, honest answer: the metal case does not do much to protect from shock and it does affect gps signal, so if those are my concerns I should consider the cases made of silicone. Great advice and the amazing thing is I’m still considering the case anyway. I mean, nothing else out there looks this good. Thanks, casefanatic!

  • ferry65 says:

    Which one looks better on titanium note 2

  • Freddy says:

    Can you order the Styles Bump Clip like on the Zomgo metal case. I think will be the deciding factor of what to order. Will be happy to to get them as extra purchase.

  • Assyle says:

    I bought one few weeks ago. It is a really great quality case, nice looking, very solid and hardly damaged, wearing it with keys in a pocket and it even doesnt has anu scratches. Delivery by DHL was amazingly fast. 2 working days to Czech Republic.

    The only thing that I would suggest to this amazing shop is to add more color combinations. For example not only silver bumper + black backplate, but aslo for example sivler backplate + black bumper, or red bumper with silver of black backplate ))) or even better les us choose the color combo by ourself. Im sure you will have much more orders because people will buy more cases to combine different color bumpers and backplates for everyday :3

  • RichardWale says:

    This case is aswome!

  • rrandy26 says:

    i just got mine, black + silver and its so wow…

  • henryjun2012 says:

    Can’t wait till I receive it xD this case rock for note 2 !!

  • dvonce20 says:

    i would like to know if GPS would work with this case??

  • erik3226 says:

    Saw video on hunter f case going to order it cant wait to receive it.

  • Michael says:

    Does this case work with the L900 Sprint version of the phone??

  • johnny8380 says:

    Nice case and feel.

  • big_daddi_caddi says:

    Very nice case really transforms your phone looks like it came from the factory made of metal. Nice “sand blasted” finish wears well and hides scratching. This case DOES come with a screen protector. It effects cell signal slightly butt does not seem to effect wi-fi signal. Fit and finish is top notch.International shipping was very fast.. Must buy item for phone lovers…

  • excript says:

    already bought the silver one. cannot wait no longer for the item ~

  • earlbolic says:

    caught flossy’s video review on this case and I am definitely sold this case is legit ordering the black case and cant wait for it to arrive

  • kovooraj says:

    such a beautifull case… need…it…now!!!!

  • Zardoz says:

    Just learned about your site after finding FlossyCarters YouTube video. I’ve got to get me one of these.

    They all look awesome, but I’ll go the the very classy Black and Silver. I may get another, Red?, for those times I want the Note2 to stand out.

  • cbell4194 says:


  • ScottinTexas says:

    How do the color versions hold up to scratching over time? Trying to decide between the black and silver vs the all silver (bc I’m afraid the black will get scratched and not look as good over time).

    Thanks flossycarter for your excellent review! You really do great job and I enjoy the lingo.

  • tobe says:

    Will this fit for extended batteries?

  • aqsingleton says:

    Referred by my man Flossy Carter… would be cool if you guys had a comparable ipad mini case.

  • sharpie876 says:

    Looks like a great case but how does it do protecting the phone? how does it handle being dropped?

  • says:

    This is the sharpest case I have seen so far for the Galaxy Note II, too bad I didn’t find out about it before I dropped and shattered the screen on my Note II

  • jmilman3 says:

    I just bought it in silver!!!! Cant wait

  • Eddie lecter says:

    im bying the silver n black hunter f for my galaxy note 2 just want to know if my bluetooth headphones will work with it oh and shot out to the good brother floss for putting me on us queens cats all ways got the hook up

  • hejeble says:

    This case is amazing! The newer cutout for the s-pen allows for easier access than the previous models. Great minimalistic look!

  • young_n_single22 says:

    this case is sick i got me the black 1 n i like to get the red 1 also

  • scwolff says:

    this case looks awesome

  • note 2 says:

    Came over to get this case after watching floss. Thanks dude..

  • Chucktuff says:

    Shout out to Floosy charter i ordered the all black for the Galaxy note 2 can’t wait that thing is nice!

  • Princston says:

    I’m about to purchase the silver case. I watch FLOSSYCARTER video the other day i was like man that case is tight and for 60 bucks you can’t beat it now i wish i never paid for the outta box defender case that was a waste of 60 bucks for me. I’m glad yall choose FLOSSYCARTER to advertise your product.

  • danmanxx says:

    Black + silver looks best, it’s what I just ordered earlier today. Any review on the protectiveness of this case? Compared to an otterbox commuter?

  • moeinyoho says:

    Hopefully for the note 3 they’ll have this to. But for now… I’ll take two lol

  • gay boy says:

    Floss referred me. I cant wait till this comes in!!!.

  • Kratus says:

    This is the most awesome case I have ever seen. I mean c’mon, an iphone look alike case on my note 2. Just can’t wait to see my friend’s expression when I show it to them.

  • TopCat2002 says:

    I see that someone asked a question about signal loss and the answer given was just there is one bar loss which seems like they were referring to the cell tower signal. Is there any information on how this case will effect GPS, Wifi, and 3g/ 4g lte signals?

  • amit says:

    Thank flossy carter from youtube for the sudden interest in this case. He’s just posted a sick review of it. Someone to get in touch with four the future if you want to sell your best products

  • chappo says:

    I don’t think it is likely to chip. The colors are not really painted on as a layer where it will crack like wall paint etc.. It is more “sprayed” on as a coating. We have one case here that is very bent, and the colors just bends with it and does not crack.

  • ParisCarter says:

    I cannot wait to get case in the mail

  • masterlpk says:

    Just placed an order!Really good looking case !!!

  • cyjax says:

    Just placed an order! Cannot wait til I get mine! Best looking case ever!!!

  • Zihao says:

    will this case affect the signal?

  • mattaviles5 says:

    Im about to purchase the red one! The case looks awesome, hopefully it is as awesome in hand, as visually.

  • hmnunez says:

    Signal drop is only 1 bar.

  • Josh says:

    I already ordered the all silver version of this from another site. Didn’t know this site sold this case as well until it was too late. Is there any way to just get the black back plate by itself? I’m interested in being able to change the colors when I feel like it. Thanks!

  • chappo says:

    Sorry, the NFC chip is not included in the case, so it won’t work.

  • rich says:

    Does nfc still work with this cover?

  • Mo says:

    How good is the quality of this case? Any photos of how it is put on the phone? I’m really considering this case but I would like to see how it is assembled first. Also, any problems with poor reception with this case? Thanks!

  • chappo says:

    No, you would have to get one separately.

  • Shaleece says:

    Does this come with a screen protector?

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